Inspire others out of stagnation

Melissa M. Mitchell-Garrett
Corporate Executive, Inspirational Speaker, Wellness Coach, Author

Melissa Garrett a corporate executive has led and directed strategic business process improvement and transformation initiatives for over 25 years. She has facilitated workshops and delivered keynote topics addressing self-improvement, personal development and professional performance management.  The common thread in each of these areas is the absolute love of inclusive problem-solving. Melissa also uses her book, The Black and White of Truth to take readers on a journey to remind some and educate others on the importance of taking responsibility for good outcomes in personal and professional endeavors.

“I have spent half of my life addressing complex business problems and appreciating the personal challenges of being a mother, wife and concerned citizen.”

My personal mission is to compel myself and others to embrace the power of being better. To be better, we must accept the opportunity to discover ourselves and our relationship with others.