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 The Black and White of Truth seeks to provoke a sense of personal ownership for how we view and experience our lives. There are many books and processes that educate on the benefits of positive thinking and how Mind, Body and Soul are related. However, I want to emphasize the critical linkage of Mind, Body and Soul in terms of agreement.

In simple terms if we believe the right response is “White” then be “White” in Mind, Body and Soul and conversely if we believe “Black” is the right response then be “Black” in Mind, Body and Soul. It’s when we intellectually think “White”, feel “Black” and in our heart want “White” is when we get this mixture that create disagreement or Gray. Disagreement is the source of our confusion, disease and ultimately discontentment.

This is not a cognitive debate about how we should view situations and circumstance but rather the importance of decisiveness in our response to situations and circumstances. The Black and White of Truth encourages you to choose the path you believe will yield the highest good or best outcome.

This book is about understanding the  exponential power of Mind, Body and Soul agreement.

We spend over half of our life becoming someone else only to spend the remainder of our life getting back to our original selves. 

Stop living in the gray and enjoy the peace and abundance of Truth!

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